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Un Mensaje para los hermanos menores:

Due to this COVI 19 situation that affects everyone in the world, we ancient peoples have decided to close our territory to protect it from all those energies that are moving on the planet. We ask for your help. brothers of the planet to be able to subsist until this disease stabilizes We are 50,000 arhuakos 30,000 thousand kogis 20,000 wuiwa which are 100,000 natives around the 3 department César, magdalena and guajira.

We are in charge of spiritually protecting the heart of the world is our mission and that is why today we make this commitment to the planet, protecting the heart of the world for the planet. We need your help to sustain this process and I, as a kandymaku representing the ancestral peoples, requested this great pact.

We have a commitment to the planet and we were left in the heart of the world (Sierra) for that mission, please help us. We need to keep the sierra closed, the natives need food to be strong and to put out the fire that is also attacking.

Thank you. May God and nature be with you long life.


Todo lo simple 
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